About us

7U s.r.o. has provided comprehensive property management on the basis of a mandate contract with Prague 7 City District.

Main activities of technical and economic departments are presented below.

Technical Department:

  • Inspections and re-measurement of real estates, making passports of apartments and commercial premises
  • Ensuring necessary maintenance and routine repairs which are compulsory paid by landlord
  • Ensuring troubleshooting and accidents via non-stop emergency service
  • Securing suppliers providing mid-range repair services as required owner
  • Ensuring all revisions by law
  • Concluding a contract with all service suppliers (cleaning, garbage collection, heat, water, electricity, elevator operation, etc.)
  • Dealing with contractors, invoice verification
  • Contact with tenants and fulfillment of requirements from the tenants under existing legislation 

Economic Department:

  • Rental billing and rent collection
  • Billing of service advance payments relating to using of real estate
  • Updating rental billing when changes
  • Reminding of defaults payments
  • Invoice control and liquidation concerning the maintenance and repairs, payment of invoices
  • Annual accounts of advances

Significant service of the company is cleaning of roads by special cleaning machines in Prague 7.

The 7U s.r.o. owns commercial premises – offices and garages. More information about a current offer of commercial premises is available at tel. 774 440 606 or sprava@7usro.cz